Saturday, December 15, 2012

Capt. Jack Sparrow

All credit goes to: Mr. Pope Romera Castro
Medium: charcoal pencil

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  1. Your art is amazing! i followed your blog.
    check out my portfolio and give me advice :)

    1. Thank you again for leaving a message and giving me a compliment. You're very kind :) I also followed you back. Sorry if I wasn't able to reply to your message earlier because I've been very busy these past few days.
      I've seen your artworks lately and I love it! :D You are very good at creating designs. Especially Those 3 dresses that you've made a sketch on, looking really vogue. To the portrait that you've drawn, I like it cause it's cute but I recommend you try to practice on how to put a shadow for the art to be more looking realistic :)


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