Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hello, Fellow Bloggers!

Hello, fellow bloggers! I've been very busy these past few days that's why I wasn't able to reply quickly to some of your comments. I really appreciate all the nice things that you guys said. It really made me smile Actually, this is my first time to create a blog by myself. The ones that were posted before was managed by my good friend Shahara of ''. She and another friend told me to create a blog site because they said that it would be nice to post and share my artworks where everyone can see it. they are really supportive! Thanks, guys!

WOW! Four days has passed since we created my blog site and people are already giving me compliments. This is so over-whelming. I've read some of your blogs but I'm sorry if I haven't left comments yet because I am still in the process of learning on how to use blogspot, so please bare with me, lol. Being able to Know the story of others, their lifestyle, their hobbies and what makes them happy is really a great feeling. It's amazing how you can somehow get to know the person just by reading their daily blog! I am really enjoying blogging right now, and I sincerely hope that you all will continue to support me!

That'll be all for now. Thank you very much
P.S I haven't posted some of my artworks yet so I hope you guys could stick around.

     (LOL* my hairstyle 2 weeks ago)

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